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Gyangsta Hoe! [Nov. 22nd, 2003|01:53 am]
Ghetto Fobulous FamLay


[mood |gangsta hoey!!]
[music |Big Tymers - Gangsta Girl Ft. R. Kelly LMAO!]

Ey my ghetto fob peeps... check out your >> GANGSTAH NAME HURRR! <<

i got this... Prince tha Ass Grabba LMAO!!! WHAT THE FUCK?! hahahah!
shouldnt that be PrinceSS tha Ass Grabba?! ahaha!

aight im off to look for some ass tah grab! LMAO! hahah!

[User Picture]From: _fall_
2003-11-21 01:37 pm (UTC)

lol I got 'Glaze Tool Whacka' - WTF's that about?

If I put in my ghetto-fob name I get 'Ol' Dirty Bullet Catcher', lol that's not much better but um better than Bovine MoFo - damn Heav, bovine's got to do with cows, oxen, and buffalo so I guess they're saying you're a Cow MoFo, nice.
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